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Nov 18, 2012 3:30am PST
representing jackson pacific and art stone who collectively are the sponsor and developer for 340 fremont street. as mr. teague mentioned 340 fremont is approved residential project consisting of 348 apartments and 269 parking spaces and code complying 400-foot tower. there is no change in ownership. the same sponsor remains in place and we look forward to going forward with construction next year and we our 2005 site ap was supplemented in august and provide the documents for construction. we demonstrate our commitment to the plan and we look forward to a groundbreaking next year. the rincon plan adopted in 2006 will transform the area into a mix use downtown neighborhood with significant housing presence and provide range of services and amenities that support urban living and set the stage for rincon hill to be home to 10,000 resident s. the plan shows why it's a high priority site and containing large parcels that could accommodate significant high density housing. another factor is the proximity to transit and a neighborhood within five minutes of the downtown financial distr
Nov 17, 2012 6:30pm PST
filmar a estudiantes mientras se duchaban esto en la escuela jackson se identificÓ al profesor como scott... que se cree grabÓ 38 alumnos esta en cÁrcel con fianza de 2 millones de dÓlares tho terminan problemas para los los afectado por sandi en nufr york algunos conductores de grÚa tratan sacar provecho. >>> la policÍa ha tenido que usar agentes encubierto para capturar tas esperos mÁs. >>> por aÑo hacer tarea escolares es importante para la educaciÓn de niÑos, en secundaria puede tomar 2 hora cada noche quÉ tan Útiles son. >>> veamos >>> casi todos los dÍas maya se sienta a escribir, leer y completar r la tarea de la escuela podrÍa pensar que lo disfruta. >>> no. >>> la verdad que como millones de otros niÑos prefiere hacer otras cosas, lo que a los chicos no les guste quienes hicieron tarea no dudan de su beneficio. >>> es obvio que las tarea refuerzan, el conocimiento de lo que se ha tratado impartir en ese dÍa, hay que medir en uno u otra forma si hay asimilaciÓn, seria fÁcil si todos pensaran lo mismo en hogares son conflictos entre padres e hijos. >>> tarda
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
trophy. >> the one and only michael jackson. >> diana ross introducing michael jackson, an award winner year after year. here with clark before rehearsals for the show. the stars were connected to clark. gloria estefan and the dalmatian she gave to clark as a puppy. he brought the dog that year. and tonight, after so many thank yous on that stage -- >> thank you very much. >> it's so year, huh? >> outrageous! >> reporter: tonight, they'll say thank you to dick clark. stevie wonder, who won 11 times -- >> thank you, everybody, very much. >> reporter: will perform again tonight, providing the soundtrack for a thank you to the man who gave the fans a say in which stars would win on that stage. the american music awards tonight right here on abc, honoring dick clark. have a good evening. good night.
Nov 18, 2012 9:30am EST
least not very successful guys, and that would be ann true jackson -- andrew jackson higgins who produced an incredible number of craft, landing craft, but after the war was kind of harassed out of business. but especially we look at people like howard hughes. how'd houston was this giant -- howard hughes was this giant failure in world war ii. he produces these wooden reconnaissance airplanes very fast, but they aren't really in use before the end of the war. misses the whole point. people like howard hughes were necessary so that we could have people like henry kaiser. it's only because you have the failures that you know what doesn't work. every time something doesn't work, you know not to go there. and so it's because we have this and other countries did not, they insisted that you win every time or you die, that's going to cause a problem down the line. it's no different than europe. the german miracle of economic production was, in fact, a facade supported by mass conscription that eliminated unemployment. but by 1934 and early 1935, germany's economy was already rolling ba
Nov 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
am not doctor espanola jackson doctor of humanities. so what i came for today, i just left a meeting in bayview because there's a lot of things going on in my community. and i had stated that i will come and request, to our new manager to come ñ?ñ? to -- as you know, i am the founder offiñ?ñ? the black human rights leadership council ofnçñ?ñ? san francisco. and with all the concerns that we have in our community, we felt it was time for the head of the puc to come and address and hear the complaints. we have plenty of them. and i would like, when you come, also, the request i had made a couple of meetings ago about your staff, i meant a staff member you have, and i want to know how many have been hired, that live in bayview hunters point. and i would like to know the ratio of the staff here at puc. because i'm getting complaints, and i'm getting concerns of people -- you know, they won't call you but they call me because they think i can do something about it. so i want you to come so you be prepared, and you don't have to bring a bodyguard because we're not going to let them9
Nov 18, 2012 1:30am PST
here representing jackson pacific. my company and art stone who collectively are and continue to be the original project sponsor developer for 340 fremont street. as mr. teague mentioned we are supporting now an informational presentation of the new design for 340 fremont street. our goals and reasons for electing to redesign a fully approved, fully compliant residential tower were three. the first one was an esthetic visual exterior enhancement or upgrade for the absence of doubt this is not the vex exercise to the contrary. it's attempt to bring a building that we thought was good to very good in terms of architectural design. the second reason since seven years passed since our original design we under took a significant effort in the under the hood areas of the building, primarily redesigning the structural system to be compliant with a more reason structural high rise code and practice and the third is redesigning each 348 residential units. just a small note on architecture. we conducted a national search for our architectural firm. we have a strong hire local bias but we have
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
it in every single month. we are in no danger. these are unconstitutional. jackson state university university, and no student show not threaten offend or degrade dined any own operated property the. >> every one of view is guilty of doing this there was a code that included the definition of harassment inappropriate directed laughter. [laughter] where did you direct that? again everybody is violating that but i do seal the fare at -- the parallels are strong and the gulf coast university this expressions deemed inappropriate. please do check out the buck. and there is more whacky political crisis -- cases was the one in indiana he was publicly reading a book and accused of public harassment. it was notre dame and eight -- against the klan and celebrates the defeat the because and had the picture of rally related to the defeat he was found guilty of racial harassment because it made somebody comfortable. he said no. it is the anti-klan book. that is all that mattered. it also applies to the flat out political speech. with houston state university they were made to terror down. and t
Nov 18, 2012 3:00pm PST
think when they think of this, they think of whitney houston, michael jackson, heath ledger, about overdoses, but you have been looking into the growing problem. >> if you think of the numbers alone, every 19 minutes. it's obviously not just celebrities. 80% of the pain pills in the world are consumed in the united states. so you know, we consume a disproportionate, a much disproportionate share of the pills. we could give a dose of pain pills to every man, woman and child every four hours for three weeks. and also there's another issue which is we have this perception who these people are who are overdosing, and you would be surprised, one of them was a former friend of former president clinton, and i want you to hear of how this man was described. take a look. >> he worked for the state department, and he was going to graduate in a year with a dual law and mba degree. a type of person where it doesn't even run through your head he's having a problem because he does so well. >> heindustrious, but he was normal, he likes to have a good time. i promise you that night he had no idea
Nov 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
books for you. so we went out with us and percy jackson series, read: time. at the end of the summer, jack was a bright guy, but was not a big reader and a good-looking kid -- his mother must be very, very pretty. but by the end of the summer, he had read a dozen books. about nine of them he liked a lot in his reading skills have gone to remove. so he went from eight yourself or he didn't like to read two when he took his sats, which they take, he got 800 reading, which is the highest score you can get. so that's what can happen. it's unimportant whether they get 800 or harvard or vanderbilt , the support they get through high school and they have options when they get out. so yeah, mitch, where are you? , now, we're going to shoot the breeze and awesome question. what happened with that movie, et cetera, et cetera. [applause] >> so i think you can also why we have a master storyteller a mischievous measure in the story that he tells. i think we need to create on this throughout the country. we read in our house. i think that is one of the most brilliant taglines that i've heard in a
FOX News
Nov 18, 2012 1:00pm PST
that. joey jackson, and david schwartz. joey, a couple of fundamentals. first of all the largest retailer in the world. here in the u.s. it has no union workers. that ajers some of the unions who have organized some of these protests. look, they have a first amendment right to protest but you have to do it within the law. you can't interfere or disrupt business? >> that is absolutely right. they are unions and serve a very important business. there are rulings in the law. you have something called the national labor relations acted and you have a board and you have rules seeshd o associated with that. it's unfair when you pick at it infinitum. there has to be represental petition. if you want to do it if it's longer than 30 days allow your members to voted whether they would like to be unionized or not. >> gregg: the law says you have 30 days. here is the letter to the unions over the past year the uscw has orchestrated pickets, mass demonstrations and flash mobs and other activities inside and outside facilities. >> gregg: if that is true. they are violating lawsuit. >> i don't
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)